"Reflections of Natures Bounty"

Montana artist Cathy Toot has long been inspired by the areas she has lived. Growing up in rural Cottage Grove Oregon and raising her now grown children in the majestic Madison Valley of Montana, Cathy incorporates the scenic western lifestyle and wildlife she is surrounded by into her artwork. A self-taught artist, Cathy has enjoyed pursuing many various artistic endeavors throughout her lifetime; currently her interest has focused on her love of painting in Oil and Acrylic.  Western & Wildlife being her main focus.  Animals with Attitude for touch of whimsy.

Cathy and husband Rick enjoy taking photos of everyday and special events that illustrate the simple way of life around them which create inspiration for her paintings.

Animals with attitude are some of Cathy’s favorite painting subjects. She likes to take a unique portion of a photo or obscure the background in a painting to highlight the main subject. Her painting style draws the viewer into the piece. One feels as though they can touch the fur or feel the breath of her subjects. Oils and Acrylics are her medium of choice however, like most artists Cathy is always open to trying something different.

When Cathy is not in her studio painting, you can find her and Rick exhibiting her work at fine art and craft shows through out the west.

From childhood to today Cathy has always been a part of rural surroundings.  Collecting found objects to attach onto Gourds or just observing things that trigger ideas. Surrounded by both the historical and modern western life and the abundant wildlife here in the Madison Valley She and her husband Rick have enjoyed all they can to take advantage of collecting ideas and photos for her creations. 

Changing it up a bit, by taking an unusual portion of a photograph, or painting without backgrounds.   Cathy enhances, "animals with attitude" or keeps it open for individuals to perceive their own ideas.

Oil and Acrylics are medium of choice, but you wouldn't be surprised to see her using others occasionally.  Now a full time Artist, Her small studio is her favorite place!                                   

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